Threadripper with up-to 64 Cores is Coming in Less than 2 Weeks

Ryzen Threadripper 3000 CPUs are coming. And are coming very soon.

As first reported by VideoCardz, AMD will launch three Threadripper 3000 series SKUs, 3960X, 3970X and 3990X, coming packed with 24, 32 and possibly 64 cores respectively. The two first SKUs will be unveiled on November 5th according to the latest rumors and the embargo on sales and reviews will lift on November 19th, as reported by VideoCardz.

As for supposedly 64 core 3990X, rumor has it that it will be teased on November 5th event but will go on sale sometime in January 2020. Most probably on November 5th AMD will tell a story as vague about 3990X as they did during CES 2019 about Ryzen 3000.

As for the chipset, rumor has it that there will be only TRX40 chipset unveiled on November 5th. TRX80 or WX80 (if they even exist) will most probably be launched sometime in January 2020, alongside 3990X for which they are designed (most probably). TRX80/WX80 will most probably also support Threadripper 3980X about which information is lackluster at the time of writing, but it is logical to speculate that it will have 48 cores, given that top of the line SKU has 64 cores and entry level one has 24 cores.


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