Intel 10th Gen CPUs Unveiled

It has happened, it has…

Intel’s yet unannounced 10th Gen CPUs have already been leaked. Credibility of this leak is questionable but every leak’s credibility is.

These screenshots show website of PC components e-tailer. These screenshots were first obtained by VideoCardz and were posted on Twitter.

These photos depict detailed information about Intel Core i9 10900KF, i9 10800F and i5 10600K.

Photos also show listings of some other yet unannounced Intel CPUs. Here is a table with all the available specs (Note: some minor assumptions were made, such as that memory capacity supported is the same for all CPUs):

Number of cores hasn’t been leaked yet, but judging from Turbo Clocks, Intel decides to take approach of increasing clocks rather than number of cores to counter AMD Ryzen. Another detail to note is that these CPUs are not 10 or 7nm parts, they are based on 14nm (no matter how many pluses Intel adds) meaning that there won’t be any improvement in thermals or power consumption. Intel won’t bring 10nm to its desktop CPUs until 2021 or some reports (although deemed untruthful by Intel) suggest that the Blue Giant will skip its 10nm (equ. to TSMC and AMD’s 7nm) altogether and will bring 7nm (equ. to TSMC and AMD’s 5nm, most probably) to the desktop in 2022. So there is no hope that these leaked SKUs are anything but 14nm based ones.

It is possible that i9 10900K/10900KF/10900F will have 10 cores as previously reported which would fit in nicely with Intel’s add two cores each year tactics.


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