MODZ is a unique mods database packing many unique PC mods including detailed instructions, links, schematics and everything you need to mod your PC. 

No more need you to spend time browsing forums to find if someone has attempted a mod you are planning on doing and whether it was successful, chances are, you will find this mod here.


Posts Are Coming Soon
Stay tuned...

If you want to publish your mod, send all the instructions, media, details, and anything else needed to share_e-leaker@gmail.com

Some things are not free here, so if you want:

-To include a link to an online store where a product needed for a mod can be purchased, a one time payment of 5 USD is required.

-To have no ads displayed on a page about your mod, a one tiime payment of 15 USD is required.

Other than that, this database is free to publish anything or to view anything!

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